Sales and Custom Design Center
One of the most exciting aspects of building a home is having the opportunity to choose from a variety of Home Designs and personal accessory design selections. Choice Design Builders makes that sometimes overwhelming process a simple and efficient task by scheduling a personal appointment with you and our Residential Real Estate specialist, Rob Milliron, at our Sales and Design Center located in the University District in Spokane . Here you will be able to select from a wide variety of color schemes, cabinetry, counter tops and flooring to help make your home a true reflection of your lifestyle.
Pre-Construction Meeting
Once all your selections have been made, a meeting will be held with Scott Doubet who heads up our construction division, who will review the floor plan and your home site to ensure 100% accuracy. This is also the time to answer any last minutes questions you may have before the ground breaking. You will also receive an estimated construction schedule, which will help determine your home's completion date.
Construction Manager Partnership
Throughout the building process of your new Choice Design Builders Home , you will have visual access to the process through our unique on-line Homeowners Lock Box- a digital overview of your Homebuilding process . And Scott will be happy to answer any question you have.
Quality Products Mean A Quality Home
Choice Design Builders only utilizes quality materials throughout your home. The company believes that its homes are only as strong as the elements that of which they're composed - therefore even the smallest component is carefully considered.
Determining Your Move-In Date
As the construction of your home progresses, our team will keep you updated on your home's projected date of completion. Our commitment to all of our Choice Design Builders Homes is that a consistent work schedule will be maintained during the entire construction process, keeping any delays to a minimum.
Work Site Punch Card
When each phase of the construction process is completed, your construction manager will review the work and sign off on the "construction punch card", a sheet that will be posted at your home's job site. This extra step of evaluation helps to ensure that each and every aspect of your Choice Desgin Builder Home is completed accurately, in a timely manner and to your expectations.
Final Walk-Through and Home Owners Orientation
A final review of your home at pre-settlement with our team will give you complete assurance of 100% satisfaction. Both your home's interior and exterior features will be reviewed and examined for accuracy and quality. If there are any last minute adjustments that need to be made before you take possession of your home, they will be addressed at your final walk-through. In addition, we will review all its unique features and proper maintenance to sustain its longevity. During this meeting, homeowners will learn specifics regarding appliances, heating and air conditioning units and all other systems throughout your home.
One-Year Service Warranty
Choice Design Builders, we stand behind each home we complete with a comprehensive one-year service warranty. During your home's first year, it will have an opportunity to experience the change of seasons, thus allowing our warranty to cover any features covered in the policy to be adjusted as needed.